A professional photographer from Bogota, Colombia, Philippe inherited his love for the craft from his father, an award winning photographer and graphic designer. Learning the ropes with his dad's gear sparked his love for film photography at an early age.
Self-taught and driven by a passion for creativity, during his teenage and young adult years Philippe honed his skills in the city of Miami by learning from fellow artists. Together, they founded community startups that celebrated their diverse creative backgrounds, showcasing each artist's unique roots.
Philippe immersed himself in the underground electronic music scene which redirected his passion to live event photography, capturing the energy and essence of moments that pulse with life. Now based in New York, he's delving into the realms of videography and fine art photography, exploring new dimensions of visual storytelling and artistic expression. From snapping shots at major music festivals like Ultra and iiiPoints to diving into the artistry of producing underground events, Philippe's lens is perpetually seeking out the heart of each vibrant moment.
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